Explosives Summer Camp

High school students have the unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience with explosives: the first and only camp of its kind! The camp comprises a variety of lectures, demonstrations, handling and shooting of explosives, field trips, projects and culminate in the setup and shooting of a fireworks display. It encompasses detonators, high explosives, blasting agents, rock blasting, display fireworks and demolition. Students obtain a behind-the-scenes look at how explosives are used in industry and entertainment. 

Other schools have attempted to emulate the highly successful camp at Missouri S&T but do not allow students to actually handle explosives. We believe this is a true tragedy.

Students pursuing a career in the explosives field will get an exclusive opportunity to learn the crucial skills required for the profession. All applicants 18 years or older must submit to a background check in accordance to the Safe Explosives Act. Applicants will be screened to ensure good moral character and ethical standing. Because of the insurance requirements of our field trip hosts, the minimum age is 16 years.

In June 2016 we gave the 27th and 28th summer explosives camps which were just one of the many hands on S&T summer camps.

The dates for the 2017 explosives camps have been set as follows: Camp #29 11-16 June, and Camp #30 18-23 June.

2017 Camp Brochure


As of April 24th, we are still accepting applications for this summer's explosive camps!

Read an article on the June 2015 summer explosives camps, available in the Discover Missouri S&T Magazine

The portal for registration and information about the camp can be found at summer.mst.edu

Dr. Worsey instructs students on the procedure used to shoot a wall of fire.