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Current Courses

Before you go any further and to minimize the waste of our and your valuable time please read the following: To take explosives classes not only must you meet S&T and explosives program requirements but in addition US law prohibits certain individuals from handling explosives.  Before you continue please ascertain whether you are eligible or prohibited under our eligibility page

Missouri S&T offers a broad gamut of explosives coursework. Because of high demand in various disciplines, the curriculum has expanded greatly since the creation of the explosives emphasis in 1997.

Below is a list of Explosives Engineering (ExpEng) courses and new classes are added every year, several of which are offered through distance education (DE). For a course description, visit the university's catalog through the Registrar

3 digit numbers are in effect until the end of summer semester 2014 and the new 4 digit numbering system takes over at the start of the Fall Semester 2014.  For new vesus old numbers please use the crosswalk table lookup tool

5001/301 Pyrotechnic Show Design (trial course number) new spring 2012

5112/305 Explosives Handling & Safety  

5612/307 Principles of Explosives Engineering (DE)

5512/309 Commercial Pyrotechnic Operations

5513/313 Stage Pyrotechnics & Special Effects

5622/350 Blasting Design & Technology (DE)

5713/351 Demolition of Buildings & Structures (DE)

5514/360 Display Fireworks Manufacturing

Min Eng 5922/383 Tunneling and Underground Construction Techniques (DE only)

6001/401 Advanced Blast Vibration Analysis (trial course number) new spring 2014 (DE only)

6412/402 Environmental Controls for Blasting‎ (DE)

6312/406 Scientific Instrumentation for Explosives Testing & Blasting

6212/407 Theory of High Explosives (DE)

6112/408 Regulatory Issues in the Explosives Industry ‎(DE only)

6292/411 Research Methods (DE)

6002/497 Graduate Cooperative Experience New 2011

 6080/498 Industry Project (DE) New 2011

Exp Eng 6099/490 Research (only for thesis work when approved) (DE)

These classes are offered under Explosives Engineering and/or Mining Engineering, some through the regular catalog and some through Distance and Continuing Education. Most classes are only offered once a year to provide the maximum variety using the resources we have on hand and are steadily building.  A tentative schedule of the classes is given in the class offerings document.

For distance students in the MS program we have selected classes from other S&T programs that compliment the explosives curricula and can be used as electives.

Geological Engineering

5443/343 Subsurface Exploration (DE)

5471/371 Rock Engineering (DE)

5575/375 Aggregates & Quarrying (DE)

6441/441 Geotechnical Construction Practice (DE)

6477/477 Discontinuous Rock (DE)


Mechanical Engineering

5220/320 Advanced Mechanics of Materials (DE) Summer Semester

5236/336 Fracture Mechanics (DE) Spring Semester


Mining Engineering

5212/304 Advanced Aggregates & Quarrying (DE)

5932/324 Underground Mining Methods (DE)

5933/326 Surface Mining Methods (DE)

4823/331 Rock Mechanics (DE)

5322/343 Coal Mine Development (DE) 

6522/409 Mining Property Feasilbility Studies & Evaluation (DE only)

6132/415 Advanced Mine Health & Safety Design (DE only)

6842/432 Rock Mechanics II (DE)


For military engineers in the MS program we are devolping explosives engineering classes in conjunction with the United States Army Engineers School (USAES) a list of which follows:

Courses with Components Taught on Base at Fort Leonard Wood & S&T

ExpEng 5001/301 Military Demolition for Combat Engineers (Military only, new Fall 2012)

In addition we have selected classes from other S&T programs that are currently taught at Fort Leonard Wood at the United States Army Engineers School (USAES) that compliment the explosives curricula and have been pre-approved for use as electives.

Courses Taught on Base at Fort Leonard Wood

ENG MGT 5110/313 Managerial Decision Making

ENG MGT 5111/314 Management for Engineers and Scientists

CIV ENG 5445/345 Construction Methods

CIV ENG 6443/443 Contract Formulation and Project Delivery Systems

It is hoped that additional elective courses will be pre-approved in the future along with other explosives courses developed jointly in a co-operative effort between USAES and S&T.   

Full listings of these courses and pre-requisites can be found in the graduate catalog and further details from the respective academic units.


Explosives Classes at other Co-operating Universities

S&T graduate regulations allow the transfer in of 9 graduate credit hours for a MS program.  Distance students may take up to 9 graduate credit hours of pre-approved explosives classes from other cooperating institutions.  A list of cooperating institutions is given below along with their pre-approved courses.  The first cooperative agreement is with NMT and we hope to add a number of others as time progresses.  

These agreements have been made to significantly increase the choice of explosives classes for distance students in our explosives engineering MS program.


New Mexico Tech

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Approved explosives distance classes offered by New Mexico Tech

MENG 545 Introduction to Explosives Engineering (DE)

MENG 549 Introduction to Shock Wave Propagation‌ (DE)

MENG‌ 550 Advanced Explosives Engineering (DE)

MENG 586 Shock Physics‌ & Structural Response to Blast (DE)

Note: MENG 545 and 549 have subject matter overlap with S&T ExpEng 407

For syllabi for these courses please contact Dr. Lim at NMT. Other approved classes may be included in the future

 Note: For classes taken outside of S&T, it is the students responsibility to meet all of the requirements of the respective institution.  Requirements, rules & procedures, and departmental policies of co-operating institutions are expected to have substantial differences to those of S&T and our department.



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