With increasing enrollment, and faculty duties and load, in the department of Mining & Nuclear Engineering (something seen across the nation and a sign of changing times) it is not possible for faculty to spend time individually with each student as we once did.  In this new era it is important for students to be more self reliant, self motivated and to grab the bull by the horns by themselves.

That said there are many available scholarships in recent years that have been under subscribed.  It just seems that undergraduate students these days are less motivated to get their college career funded when mum and dad are paying for it already. As a consequence we are seeing a shift in the issuance of scholarships from predominantly needs based to merit based, and the increase in funding of graduate student applicants.

Such scholarships related to the explosives and blasting field include:

International Society of Explosives Engineers (ISEE), applications are due in June)

ISEE chapter scholarships (Lake Superior Chapter))

Best in the West

Allen Hale memorial scholarships (deadline August 15th)

WAAIME scholarships (open from August 15th, due November 1st) These scholarships are for earth science majors, as many as 20 are given for students on this campus.

Society of Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME), host of different mining industry related scholarships 

S&T Chancellors fellowship (for PhD candidates).

S&T Graduate office funding opportunities

These are just a few of the scholarship and fellowship resources available.

When applying for one of these scholarships and requesting a letter of recommendation or computer input, please bring your file and resume in person to the faculty or staff mentor to work on it and assistance.  We have too many students to remember all the details about and some of us are getting old and can't remember what we had for dinner yesterday, let alone last week. Plus our time is very valuable to us and we need to expedite the process.