Exp 6080 (498) Industry Project

The industry project course is a special course comprising usually 3 hrs of credit. It consists of partaking a project relevant to explosives or their use for an industrial or government employer, the writing of a substantial report and giving a presentation on the work.

Because it is not a lecture class it does not count as a 400 level lecture class, of which 6 hrs are required for the MS with thesis and 9 hrs for the MS without thesis (see graduate regulations).

It is important that the topic and feasibility of the project be determined prior to signing up for the class as it has to be finished by the end of the academic semester.  It is advised that the project be started with completion guaranteed before enrolling for this class to avoid problems.  For military students that are choosing a project allied with their duties and may have questions regarding the sensitiveness of the work or issues with public dissemination.  If this is the case please contact Judy for assistance.