Financial Aid

Students seeking financial assistance have many resources available to them...including university, departmental, industry and industry associations. For example, in 2009, 11 explosives engineering students received scholarships from the International Society of Explosives Engineers

Due to popularity of enrollment of the program, post-graduate students are not customarily given assistantships by the department.  However, many qualified and suited graduate students are hired to work on sponsored research and teach courses as Graduate Research Assistants (GRAs) and Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) (In 2011 the university is slated for a 7% cut in state funding. Because of this, the funding of GTA positions is this new program has been delayed until the economy turns around). 

In english speaking countries around the world governments are getting out of subsidizing higher education and students are more and more commonly expected to take out loans to finance their education. Undertaking an engineering degree is often a sound investment. 

Outstanding students have also secured their own research funding with or without assistance of faculty.

Industry and other organizations have been extremely generous in the past in wholly or partly assisting in providing materials, instrumentation and opportunities for students projects in which they are interested.

Visit the university's financial aid page at to learn more.


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