Explosives Camp FAQs

Question: My son is not 16 until June 14. I want him to come to camp..

Answer: We are limited by the insurance of our hosts for field trips. A camper must turn 16 by the Wednesday in the middle of the camp he/she applies for. We have 3 camps so he should be eligible for at least the 3rd  camp.

Question: What should I bring to camps?

Answer: Steel toed boots, outdoor clothes, sun block, swim suit, water bottle, and any necessary medication such as a bee sting allergy kit if you are allergic.

Question: Can I bring my car

Answer: The safety of our campers is of great importance. Students are not allowed to use cars during camp and their keys have to be handed in. Over 40,000 people are killed in automobile accidents in the US each year, the majority being young people. All transportation needs during camp will be catered for by camp staff.

Question: My Son has emotional and behavioural probelms and does not mix well with other children should I send him to camp.

Answer: The only kid we had to kick off camp had these issues.  We will not tolerate negative behaviour.  His 3rd and final serious transgression was using the F word to our camp co-ordinator Barbara and she sent him packing.  This students disruption was spoiling the rest of the campers experience and their parents have paid a lot of money to send them.  This camp is not a babysitting service for rich parents who need a break from their unrully children.  Please send him to someone else's camp.