Students who obtain advanced explosives training have countless career opportunities. These include rock excavation (mining, construction and tunneling), explosives manufacturing, sales and technical representation, consulting, regulatory, seismic, oil well stimulation, forestry, demolition, military, defense (government and contractor), pyrotechnics and propellants manufacturing, explosives formulation and testing, research, education and training, fireworks displays, special effects for film and television production, pyrotechnics for indoor use (close proximity audience) such as rock concerts, theatrical productions and other special events. Graduates with explosives degrees are particularly in demand. For a breakdown of recent career statistics, click here.

Our students gain significant experience through summer internships and cooperative opportunities with the industry's most prominent companies. These opportunities allow students to explore different aspects of the explosives industry, to qualify for  financial assistance and additional industry scholarships and to build pertinent networks with potential employers and mentors. Students are also encouraged to participate in professional societies and organizations. Membership enables future explosives engineers to become better acquainted with industry's practices and further develops networking within a particular discipline.

Read Evan Thibauds My Journey into Mining, part 1, of the article published in World Wide Drilling Resource's April 2014 issue.  In this article he describes the story of how he successfully navigated from high school through college and on to employment with an international company in the explosives industry.

Click Here to see snapshots of our graduates in their careers.


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