Prospective Students

Students interested in a career in Explosives Engineering must maintain a high degree of academic professionalism. Along with strict adherence to professionalism, participants are subject to federal regulations outlined in the Safe Explosives Act and are expected to pass a background check.  The goal of the program is to maintain impeccable integrity, uphold the university's reputation and produce knowledgeable, honest and ethical explosives engineers. Above all, students are required to gain the necessary work experience to couple with their institutional accomplishments. Missouri S&T Admissions provides the university's standards for acceptance into a degree program.

Photo series from The Discovery Channel's The Detonators showing the use of linear shaped charges to cut a vehicle in half. 


Read Evan Thibauds My Journey into Mining, part 1, of the article published in World Wide Drilling Resource's April 2014 issue.  In this article he describes the story of how he successfully navigated from high school through college and on to employment with an international company in the explosives industry.

A collection of short videos is given on our Sample Videos page which are listed to give you a taste of what our explosives engineering programs are about at Missouri S&T.  Enjoy!


Snap Shots

We have added this fun section of snapshots (locked in time) of our students in their careers along with some basic information on them;


Patty Robertson (snap-shot May 2012)

Nickname: Pyro ChiC

School credentials: Dec ’05 Mining Engineering with minor in Explosive Engineering

Company/current employment: Freeport-McMoran Copper and Gold - Morenci Operations

Position within that company: Drilling and Blasting Engineer

Quote: “I was able to get my job, which is totally AWESOME, through the instruction of Dr. Paul Worsey and contacts made through mucking competitions and ISEE conferences.”

Patty graduated in December of 2005 with the first minor ni explosives engineering. She was very active in our Mining, and Explosives program here at S&T.  Through various contacts made while on ISEE, and Mucking conferences, and competitions she secured a career with Freeport-McMoran as a blasting engineer.  Continuing with tradition Patty is another graduate that has upheld the reputation of S&T’s Mining and Explosives program as one of the best in the world.


Brian Sandhaus (snap-shot June 2012)

Nickname: Haus, Sandhaus, Sandalhaus

School credentials: Mining Engineering (B.S.), Explosives Engineering (Minor) May 09

Company/current employment: Orica USA (largest explosives company in the world)

Position within that company: Technical Services Engineer

Quote: "I was a very active individual in the department especially with Haunted Mine, SME and ISEE.  I attended every SME and ISEE conference that I could as a student and as a direct result of talking with industry reps while I was there I was able to land this AWESOME job.  I'm a firm believer in the phrase, "It's not what you know but who you know that will get you a job. However, it is what you know that will keep you around."

Brian graduated from Missouri S&T and secured a job with Orica USA upon graduation by attending at both ISEE and SME conferences.  Through the support of our excellent staff, alumni, and curriculum in Rolla we are able to send students to conferences, and competitions that provide our graduates with great careers.