Sample videos about the program

The following are a sample of videos covering various aspects of the program including short exerpts from classes, news items etc.  They can be viewed to give you flavor of what exploisves at S&T is like. We hope you enjoy them.

Students in demolition class take down a disused microwave tower in Mexico Missouri using explosives. Spring 2014. This video is a 6 minute shortened version of a full 32 min. video lab and just covers highlights with the majority of the technical information deleted.
Instructor Steve Hall talks about his fireworks manufacturing class and pyrotechnics at S&T
Students in the advanced blasting class charge and shoot an underground blast at the S&T experimental mine.
Missouri S&T's Explosives Camp gives high school students a chance to blow up watermelons and create giant waterspouts with explosions. The annual camp also teaches students the basics of fireworks safety as they stage their own pyrotechnic demonstration for the community. (Summer 2012)
Amateur video of fireworks show choreographed to music and computer fired. Designed and set up by our students. 2013 IT conference on campus.

Explanations of videos

The first video to the right is a 6 minute video of highlights of a demolition class laboratory and was presented at the 41st annual conference on explosives and blasting technique in New Orleans in February 2015.  The original video was made during a demolition laboratory for the S&T explosives 5713 class during spring 2014.  The class got the opportunity to fall a 300ft twin mast microwave tower outside Mexico Missouri.  The students were involved in the complete project and the students got to do the majority of the prep work and assembly and placement of the explosives charges and of course blasting it down.  The explosives portion of the project was handled entirely by our demolition class with no outside assistance.  After a site visit and several days of prep and design back at Rolla the project was completed on site in less than a day and was a great experience for the students.  The video shown here is the shortened version and the 35 minute full version, the latter is used in class and was produced for the distance offering of the class for industry professionals.


In the second video our fireworks manufacturing instructor Steve Hall talks about fireworks and pyrotechnics at S&T.  Steve graduated with a BS in Chemical engineering from our university, worked for Hercules as a chemical engineer for many years and then came back and got his MS is in explosives engineering 40 years later, almost to the day. The instructors and students in the explosive program are responsible for virtually all of the fireworks and pyrotechnic displays on campus including the block party, conferences, St. Pat’s celebrations, new building dedications etc.  The explosives camps in the summer also end with fireworks displays which always thrill the townsfolk.  An Amateur video of one of the explosives programs choreographed to music and computer fired fireworks displays on campus is also shown in the 5th video.  Our program has many firsts for fireworks classes for college credit in the Americas and the most classes of any American university.


The third video is a six minute review of one of our blasting labs start to finish.  It is a shortened version of a 30 minute plus video shot of the lab for distance learning by professionals in the blasting, mining and construction industries.  The video was shot underground at our experimental mine in January 2015 of a ramp shot for the new spiral decline to second and third levels.  The shot was undertaken by our advanced blasting class to build hands on experience and involves the use of dynamite, emulsion explosive and the latest in electronic detonators.  It gives a good representation of the size of our newer underground workings and our hands on operation and teaching as a whole.  Enjoy!


The 4th video is half about explosives camp and half about fireworks safety.  It was shot before July 4th in June whilst explosives camp was underway.  Three and a half minutes of light hearted fun and useful tips, enjoy!


The 5th video is an amateur video shot by an S&T student of the 2013 IT conference fireworks.  Of note: This display was the first major display that we shot on campus choreographed to music and involves both display fireworks and close proximity pyrotechnics.  The display was automatically shot using special software from a laptop and uses a Firelight computer firing box and modules.  The choreography was performed by Jerry Vaill one of our graduate students and the current instructor for some of our fireworks classes along with a number of undergraduates who have taken our fireworks classes.  In 2014 we choreographed 3 fireworks displays on campus comprising the 100th birthday party of a longtime supporter, the 2104 IT conference and the dedication of the new Bartlesmeyer Hall.  In addition to these shoots the students also do stage pyrotechnics for the St. Pat’s coronation and other events such as the student block party.  Pyrotechnics has become the norm for celebrating major events on campus and it’s all done by our students.