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HOT OFF THE PRESS:  With the regular explosives camp on hold for 2021 due to Covid-19, we are going to hold a virtual mini explosives camp.  Check out the details here: Virtual 2021 Mini Explosives Camp!


After more than three decades at Missouri S&T, Dr. Paul Worsey is officially retiring effective September 1st,  2019.  Don't worry too much though, Paul has agreed to offer a distance course here and there.  He also wishes to continue heading up Explosives Camp.  Dr. Kyle Perry has been named the Explosives Engineering Graduate Program Coordinator effective the same date.  With Paul's retirement and a changing of the guard, there will be some changes going forward with our course offerings.  Paul taught so many courses it is going to be difficult to offer everything as often as we have until we are able to add an additional faculty member.  Dr. Perry is currently working on setting up a schedule of course offerings that should work by alternating advanced courses every year.  So bear with us as we get things ironed out over the coming months.  (June 2019)

2019 Explosives Summer Camp is now taking applications.  See the brochure here: 2019 Summer Camp  (December 2018)

Distance Education Rates have been reduced to $1200 per credit hour.  There is a new U.S. Military Rate of $735 per credit hour as well.  To check out the new rates and to see if you are eligible for the reduced Military Rate, check out the Distance Education Fee Schedule. (December 2017)

The M.S. in Explosives Technology has been approved by the UM Board of Curators.  We expect it to be in effect Spring 2018.  (October 2017)

A good article from the National Review about our Explosives Camp.  Read the article here. (April 2017)

The M.S. in Explosives Technology has been applied for to the UM System.  We will update the site once approved.  (February 2017)

2017 summer explosives camp dates set (August 2016)

The dates for the 29th and 30th summer explosives camps have been set as the 11th through 16th of June and 18th through 23rd of June respectively. Final details for the camps including cost will be determined early January.  The camps will be run very similarly to the past and we continue to make slight improvements and upgrades every year, but try to avoid sizeable changes due to it's success.  

We are currently accepting Ph.D. applications once again (August 2016)

Dr. Kyle Perry Joins Explosives Faculty  (August 2016)

Class schedule updated (February 2016)

The class schedule has been updated to reflect next academic year’s offerings.  Due to reduced numbers in the display fireworks class (5512) we are recombining the fall and spring offerings to the Fall only. With Dr. Baird’s retirement and the search for his replacement underway we have decided to move all offerings of “Theory of high explosives” to the summer for 2017 and the fall offering cancelled as it was offered both for on campus and distance students this spring.  This will also spread out our classes a little more and add another summer offering.  For the present time Dr. Baird will be offering this class remotely. The new class schedule is available under “student resources” header tab.

2016 summer explosives camp brochure now available (January 2016)

The brochure is available at explosives camp. The dates for the 27th and 28th summer explosives camps are the 12th through 17th of June and 19th through 24th of June respectively.

Explosives faculty position finally listed by HR (January 2016)

The advert for Dr. Bairds vacant position is now posted on Reference Number 00035534.  We are looking for a qualified person who can transition into a leadership role in the explosives program for when professor Worsey eventually steps down as Director and firms up plans for his phase out and retirement.  We are focused on filling the position at the associate professor level preferably by someone who is tenured when they start.  We are hoping for a start date of the beginning of the fall semester 2016.

Energetics Research Facility move nears completion (January 2016)

The old energetics research facility (USBM building 4) has been torn down to make way for the new residential college extension as part of S&T expansion.  Although considerable time and effort was put into this old building by Dr. Baird to provide a world class facility a new building is being constructed specifically for the two blast chambers and other equipment.  The new state of the art building is located behind Rock Mechanics and currently has walls and roof in place after the explosion chambers (including the 80 ton walk in blast chamber) were positioned using the largest crane in the area. After several delays, the university expects the building to completed this spring.

Explosives faculty position to be listed by HR shortly (December 2015)

The advert for Dr. Bairds vacant position will be shortly posted on Reference Number 00035534.  We are looking for a qualified person who can transition into a leadership role in the explosives program.

Alternate entrance to MS program approved for Eglin EOD school graduates (November 2015)

As of November 6th, in recognition that the EOD School at Eglin Air Force Base provides advanced technical training in explosives and nuclear weapons, an alternate entrance route to the Explosive Engineering MS program for EOD school graduates is offered.  Details can be found on the prospective students/Military page or by following Eglin EOD.

Dr. Vilem Peter to teach new course (October 2015)

A new course entitled “special Explosives Applications” will be offered this coming SP2016 semester. The course will cover advanced theory and application of explosives outside of rock blasting and demolition. Students will be introduced to different industrial, military and government special uses such as avalanche control, explosive welding, forming, synthesis and hardening, aerospace, forest service, agriculture and oil industry applications.  The course will be given by explosives specialist, Dr. Vilem Petr, Associate Research Professor at Colorado School of Mines and Technical Director of the Advanced Explosives Processing Research Group.

S&T explosives program instructors shoot pyro for Kansas City Chiefs (October 2105)

Matt Coy and Jerry Vaill are now the pyrotechnicians for the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrow Head Stadium for the 2105/16 football season.  Matt is the lead on the field and shoots the close prox and flame effects and Jerry shoots the high aerial positioned on the roof.  Their work has already been seen on the season opener of Thursday Night football.

Request to fill Dr. Baird’s vacant position has been approved (September 2015)

The Dean of Engineering and Computing (Dr. Ian Ferguson) has approved the search for Dr. Baird’s replacement.  It is hoped that the position will be filled by summer 2016. The department chair’s plan is to carry out an Asst/Assoc/Full Prof search so we can bring in an experienced person to continue to lead this program flowing the current director’s future retirement (Professor Paul Worsey) and to mentor Junior and new faculty.

PhD applications temporarily restricted (September 2015)

Due to current graduate student numbers until Dr. Baird is replaced, Ph.D. applications will be more stringently examined and only applicants that are of the highest quality including those with the highest motivation and self-starting abilities will be considered.

2016 summer explosives camp dates set (September 2015)

The dates for the 27th and 28th summer explosives camps have been set as the 12th through 17th of June and 19th through 24th of June respectively. Final details for the camps including cost will be determined early January.  The camps will be run very similarly to the past and we continue to make slight improvements and upgrades every year, but try to avoid sizeable changes.

Affordable health care act continues to throw wrenches into the workings of the Explosives Program (August 2015)

We have been informed by the university that Dr. Baird cannot start teaching his theory of high explosives class distance until 90 days have passed after his official retirement because he retired before 62 years of age. The reason the university human resources have given is somewhere in the thousands of pages of rules in the "affordable health care act".  We have been forced to cancel the class this semester but will offer it next spring. 12 months ago the university started to fire our industry instructors as most of them only taught once a year and were not active for over 6 months of the year. All apparently due to the same act.

Dr. Jason Baird retires (July 2015)

The official retirement date for Dr. Baird is 30th August although he closed shop at the end of last semester.  This is Jason’s second retirement, the first was from the USAF.  He will be concentrating on his company Loki which has really taken off in recent years.  He will be continuing to teach a distance course and participating in other aspects of the program at a much reduced level due to his commitments with Loki.  We wish him every success in his endeavors.

25th and 26th summer explosives camps great success (June 2015)

This summer’s two explosives camps in June were a great success. In addition to all the explosives and booms, the students got to play with more high tech equipment than on most robotics camps including a an industrial dragline simulator and industrial shovel simulator, a quadcopter drone used for surveying by Capital Quarries, a large remote controlled underground at Doe Run's Brushy Creek mine, two EOD bomb robots and a computer controlled electronic detonation system.  A brief article can be found in the "Discover Missouri S&T magazine"

Dr. Jason Baird to retire as full time program faculty (May 2015)

Dr. Jason Bair, Associate Professor will be taking early retirement in August to concentrate on his highly successful company and consulting (off chutes of his explosives and ballistics work here at S&T).  Jason will continue to participate as an adjunct professor, he will teach "Theory of High Explosives" as a distance class and will participate on thesis committees. His surprise retirement party was held at the Public House Brew Pub in Rolla on the Saturday evening 9th of May. The majority of his graduate students and explosives colleagues were there to wish him all the best and a great time was had by all. The anticipated start of the search process for his replacement is sometime in 2016.

Summer explosives camps open for registration (Feb 2015)

The registration process for the 2105 explosives summer camps is now open through April 17th.  The camps are scheduled for 14-19 June  (camp #25) and 21-26 June (camp #26).  This year the application process starts with DCE and the web page is

Explosives Graduate Students present papers at ISEE conference in New Orleans (Feb  2015)

Four papers were given on Explosives Masters thesis work at the 41st annual conference on explosives and blasting technique 1-4 February in New Orleans.  The papers were authored by Brian Burch, Matt Coy(2) and Mike Allen (all graduated last year with Master in explosives engineering). Two other papers were given by MS alumni, Charles Zdazinsky (2010) and Tristan Worsey (2012), totaling 6 papers by MS alumni. 

Catherine Johnson joins explosives program (Jan  2015)

Dr. Catherine Johnson who gained her PhD from the University of Kentucky has joined the explosives program filling the new assistant professor position. She has a PhD in mining engineering and specializes in blasting and environmental effects.

S&T explosives class students makes front cover of Explosives Engineering Magazine (Dec 2014)

The November/December cover of the Journal of "Explosives Engineering" featured S&T students Brian Burch and Evan Thibaud priming explosive charges for a trench at the experimental mine in snow (Spring 2014 Exp Eng 350 advanced blasting class lab B, photograph taken by Gillian Worsey).

MS graduation surpasses goals (Dec  2014)

The total of Masters in Explosives Engineering conferred as of this December's graduation now stands at 35. After 4.5 years we have far exceeded the 5 year quota of 25 graduates deemed necessary by the university for a healthy existing MS program (and our MS is a new program).  We may reach 40 graduates at our 5 year mark. The enrollment numbers are currently between 40 and 50 explosives engineering postgraduates in the explosives engineering programs which gives us a healthy and sustainable future.  In addition we have well over 70 graduate students in the explosives technology certificate.

Dr. Worsey out for Surgery (Oct  2014)

Dr. Worsey had to take a few weeks off work due to an operation.  He visited Brazil after his recovery and is now back at work.  Worsey quotes: "Don't get old, and don't let anyone kid you, it sucks!" and "For all those people thinking about going under the knife: Surgeons lie about recovery times, if they didn't then patients would put off surgery until it was critical".

Class schedule updated (Sept  2014)

The class schedule has been updated due to some additions in offerings and a change in schedule for the advanced blast vibrations class.

23rd and 24th Explosives Summer Camps held (June 2014)

The 23rd and 24th explosives camps were successfully held this June.  There were 36 kids on these 2 camps.  An additional 2 camps will be offered in June of 2015.

Advertisement for new Assistant Professor Position posted (April 2014)

The new assistant professor position advertisement has been posted. Review of applications will begin on May 01, 2014 and continue until the position is filled.  The successful candidate is expected to start on August 15, 2014, however this date is not set in stone and January 2015 is acceptable.  Interested applicants must apply online at using Reference Number 00059930. advertisement

Demolition Class Falls Radio Tower (April 2014)

The explosives 351 class (Demolition of Buildings & Structures) took down a 60's era pager microwave tower in Mexico Missouri for a lab exercise.  The lab was also videoed for the distance section and a 30 minute computer movie has been edited.  The tower was taken down using twelve 1,200 gr/ft linear shaped charges used to notch the tower legs and cut the guide wire anchor supports on the west side, dropping the tower to the east.  Although the endeavor was undertaken in high winds it was very successful with the tower dropping in its intended direction and even staying on property, with no damage to surrounding structures which were very close by.  The class was assisted by the county fire department and the whole deal was kept low key, making it a very informative hands on lab for the students.

Advanced Blasting Class field trip to Dynamite Plant and Drill Bit Factory (April 2014)

On Thursday 10th of April, 20 students from the Explosives 350 advanced blasting class took a field trip to Carthage MO and Springdale AR.  In the morning they toured the Dyno Carthage explosives pant including the NG nitrator, dynamite mixing and packing houses, tube shell facility, emulsion line, PETN nitrator and the cast booster line.  The Carthage plant has the last remaining dynamite line in North America, so this trip was very special.  Thanks go to Dyno and their employees for hosting a great tour and supporting our explosive program.  In the afternoon the students visited the Brunner & Lay Springdale manufacturing facility where they make drill steels, drill bits, striker bars and demolition tools.  This was a first for touring this impressive facility.  Thanks go to Brunner & Lay for hosting a great tour and supporting our explosives program.  On an additional note: Dyno/Buckley Powder provided BBQ on the first day of competition at the mining games and Brunner & Lay provided drill steels, bits and judges for the jack leg event.

S&T men's, women's and alumni teams take first in Mining Games (April 2014)

The 36th annual intercollegiate mining games were held at our experimental mine in Rolla between the 3rd and 6th of April.  42 teams from around the around the world competed with only the Asian and Antarctic continents not represented.  The men's A, women's A and "tater patch" alumni teams took first in their respective divisions.  A short video of the competition has been produced by the university and more detail can be found at this site.  Of note: the women's jack leg team A duo drilled 16ft 3inches and B team duo  16ft 2 inches which would both have won the co-ed division, placed 2nd in  the Alumni division and 4th in the men's event, great job girls and watch out guys! See the Flickr site for pictures.

Advertisement for new Assistant Professor Position approved (Mar 2014).

The new assistant professor position advert has been approved and will be posted soon. Review of applications will begin on April 01, 2014 and continue until the position is filled.  The successful candidate is expected to start on August 15, 2014.  Interested applicants must apply online at using Reference Number 00059930.

PhD program gains final approval (Feb 2014)

The S&T PhD program in "Explosives Engineering" was granted final approval by the Missouri State Coordinating Board for Higher Education on Thursday the 6th of February.  We hope to have it in place for this summer semester.  We hope to graduate our first PhD student this year.

December graduation breaks new ground (Dec 2013)

New firsts were attained at the December graduation: The first 3 fully distance masters students were graduated and a total of 4 masters students were graduated, a new record for a single graduation.  The graduating students were Salvador Aguirre (Orica), Peter Kuhn (USAF EOD), Sergey Pitman (Peabody) and Robert Middleton (US Army Engineers). We are pleased to report  we are now moving forward ahead of our graduation goals.  The recruiting rate is slightly ahead of the graduation rate and the program continues to grow.

Basic blasting class breaks records (Dec 2013)

Enrollment for Exp Eng 307 "Explosives Engineering" our basic blasting class reached 100 this semester (62 onsite and 38 distance).  This was due to a combination of increasing undergraduate mining degree enrollment, undergraduate minor, graduate explosives, and a sizeable cohort of ATF agents on the postgraduate explosives technology certificate taking the class.  These students were spread around 4 lab sections and a distance section.  This is by far the largest number of students we have ever had in this class and probably the highest the department has ever had in its history.

Course table updated with new numbers (Dec 2103)

The table of courses has been updated with the new numbers which come into effect for the fall semester 2014. A partial explanation of the new numbering system is also given.  

New Faculty Position Approved (Dec 2013)

We are pleased to announce that the S&T Chancellor and Provost have given the go ahead for us to start looking for someone to fill a third full time explosives engineering faculty position.  The position is scheduled to be filled before the start of the Fall 2015 semester.  We are presently anticipating this to be a tenure track assistant professor slot.

Spring Explosives Offerings increase to 8 classes (Dec 2013)

For the first time 8 separate explosives classes are being offered this spring including 6 through distance education.  This represents the steady continued growth of the program and our commitment to expand offerings especially through distance education for industry professionals.  The list of available explosives courses can be found at and their schedule of offerings at  The three new offering this semester are; a special first time blended distance and onsite offering of Exp 360- fireworks manufacturing, especially for the ATF (instructor Mr. Steven Hall), a new distance course Exp 401 advanced blast vibration analysis (Dr. Braden Lusk) and the first time distance offering of Explosives 411 – research methods (Dr. Jason Baird).

PhD program approved by Curators (Nov 2013)

S&T's proposal for a PhD in Explosives Engineering was approved on Thursday November 21st by the University Board of Curators.  The proposal has been passed on to the Missouri Coordinating Board of Higher Education (CBHE) for final approval which we anticipate in time for the ISEE annual meeting in February.

Spring Exp 309 tentative dates

Explosives 309, the display fireworks class will also be offered on even years in the Spring.  On odd years the display choreography class will be offered.  This spring's tentative dates are: Jan 25, Feb 8,9, Mar 8, 9, April 4 (set up and shoot annual Block Party on campus), Apr 5,6.

2014 explosives camp dates set (Nov 2013)

The dates for the 2014 explosives camps have been set as follows:

Camp #23 8-13 June, Camp #24 15-20 June, and Camp #25 22-27 June.

Alan Davison joins as an adjunct (Nov 2013)

The explosives program faculty has been further expanded with the addition of Dr. Alan Davison, the Chief of the Maneuver and Mobility Branch of the Army Research Laboratory.  Dr. Davison's office is located at Fort Leonard Wood and he has previously served as a master's thesis committee member for military officers stationed at FTLW.  He will take a military section of Exp 498 for armed forces members to make their project topic selection easier.

Explosives PhD moves further on in application process (Oct 2013)

The explosives engineering PhD proposal has just cleared system and is on the agenda for the University of Missouri Curators Meeting on November 21st.  If successful the proposal will then be sent to the State Coordinating Board of Higher Education. 

Braden Lusk joins as adjunct Associate Professor (Oct 2013)

Dr. Braden Lusk, Associate Professor of Mining Engineering at the University of Kentucky has joined us as an adjunct faculty member.  He will be offering the new Advanced Blast Vibrations Analysis and Prediction course on line starting this January.

Fireworks manufacturing class to be offered as a blended distance class (Oct 2013)

Exp 360 will be offered this spring on a trial basis as a blended distance class.  The class will comprise distance lectures and a condensed on site 3 day lab long weekend comprising morning, afternoon and evening labs each day.  The distance offering is being developed for the ATF but any free slots will be made available to registered explosives distance students.  This class is part of the ongoing commitment to increase the number of our distance explosives offerings and will bring the number to 10 separate classes.

309 & 360 to be offered in Spring (Sept 2013)

The display fireworks class (309) and the fireworks manufacturing class (360) will both be offered this spring.  Jerry Vail and Matt Sutcliffe will be teaching 309 and Steve Hall 360.  309 will be three weekends earlier in the semester and 360 Wednesday evenings and a couple of Saturdays later in the semester.

Course offerings increased to 16 classes (Sept 2013)

The explosive curriculum has been expanded to 16 course offerings with the inclusion of Exp 411 “Research Methods", taught by Dr. Jason Baird.  Of the 16 courses 7 are at the 400 level and 9 are offered distance.  We are expecting an additional class to be added in the spring on “Advanced Blast Vibration Analysis and Prediction” to be taught online by Dr. Braden Lusk.  This is part of our continuing commitment to growth in the program both on site and distance.

Fireworks at Research Technology Day kickoff party. (September 2013)

The third annual Research Technology Day was held Sept. 9-10. This research technology intensive conference begins with a street party networking event. On the evening of Monday, Sept. 9, University of Missouri President Timothy Wolfe kicked-off the event, which featured barbeque, music, beer and wine tasting and a pyrotechnic display designed by S&T’s explosives engineering students.

Fireworks manufacturing class gets permanent number (August 2013)

The fireworks manufacturing class has been given its own number of EXP 360.  The experimental class taught by Steve Hall was given its "permanent" number this summer after 2 successful offerings.  The class is offered both Fall and Spring and is in it's 3rd offering this fall.  Students learn to make their own display fireworks and build all the components and assemble and shoot shells up to 5" in diameter.

Vibratech installs seismic monitoring station (July 2013)

Vibratech/Geosonics has installed a permanent automatic remote seismic monitoring station at the university's experimental mine.  Seismic events can be accessed and downloaded through the Vibratech website on the internet.  Dr. Paul Worsey says the data will be of great use in blasting classes for student instruction and for student research.

Explosives camps success again (June 2013)

The 21st and 22nd summer explosives camps were held in June.  36 high school students were treated to five and a half days of intensive hands on explosives, blasting, pyrotechnics and special effects.  This year 3 inch display firework shell manufacturing was added along with the hands on use of chemical fire extinguishers with the assistance of the Rolla Fire Department.  These were added to the myriad of other hands on activities.  Due to the campus being dug up for the new geothermal system the camp finale fireworks were shot at the experimental mine with record public attendance.  The camps held every June consist of the highlights of a dozen different explosives and mining classes and is one of the department's major recruiting efforts.  The one of a kind camp is supported by companies in the explosives, pyrotechnics, mining and construction industries.

PhD proposal approved by S&T campus (May 2013)

The Explosives Engineering PhD proposal has been approved at all levels of the S&T campus and has now been forwarded to System.  It goes from there to the Curators of the university of Missouri and then onto State.  Several additional steps have been added to the process since the approval of the Master's Program.  We are hoping to obtain approval before Christmas.

Best in the West Conference (April 2013)

9 students accompanied by Dr. Worsey attended the annual Best in the West Blasting Conference in Spearfish South Dakota. The students helped with the conference and several of the students also gave presentations.  A field trip was also made to Cloud Peak's coal mining operations in the Powder River Basin and we got to watch an overburden shot.

PhD in Explosives Engineering Proposal to move up to System. (February 2013)

The PhD in Explosives Engineering proposal was passed by the Faculty Senate at its Thursday February 21st meeting.  It will soon leave campus for the next rung in the approval process which will be at the University of Missouri System level.  We are hoping for final approval sometime in the Fall of this year but there are still several levels of approval to go.

39th Annual ISEE Conference (February 2013)

3 faculty and 19 students attended the 39th annual International Society of Explosives Engineers Conference on Explosives and Blasting Technique.  Seven papers were given by the students on their research in regular sessions.  In addition the students got to visit the 301st fighter wing at NAS Fort Worth JRB, Texas.  We got to see their new EOD Flight courtesy SMSgt Dan Montrose (explosives engineering certificate 2010), the F16 maintenance area with all sorts of cool stuff and we even got to see a F35 going through its paces before delivery, which was amazing to say the least.

New Certificate in Explosives Technology is approved (November 2012)

The new certificate in explosives technology has been designed to cater for technical personnel without the rigorous engineering or physical science and calculus background necessary for the explosives engineering program.  After a lengthy process, the undergraduate version of the certificate has just been approved by the Missouri CBHE and it is anticipated that the graduate certificate will be approved in December.  The explosives technology certificate joins the current explosives engineering undergraduate emphasis, undergraduate and graduate certificates, undergraduate and graduate minors and masters of science degree in explosives engineering.  For more information on our Certificate in Explosives Technology.

First Fireworks Manufacturing class successfully completed (November 2012)

The class taught by Steve Hall was completed last night (Wednesday 14th November) with all 15 students firing their 5" final shells.  There were notably some very impressive golden willows and shells with inserts and some excellent colors.  The trial class was very successful and to keep numbers to a reasonable level will be offered both semesters.  In the spring it will start after St. Pat's and in the fall finish by early November.  The class will be run in a condensed format during the spring and late summer/early fall to avoid the low humidity and high static electricity winter season.  An automated shell rolling machine was purchased for and used in the class and we anticipate the purchase of further star manufacturing equipment this spring.

Spring 2013 Demolition Class Dates (November 2012)

The lectures for demolition class will be Tuesdays 6-8:30 starting Tuesday 22nd February.  There will be 3 weekend labs, comprising explosives labs on February 16th and March 2nd and a field trip tentatively scheduled on April 6th or May 4th to St. Louis.

Spring 2013 Pyrotechnic Choreography Course Dates (November 2012)

The lectures for this class will be 6-9pm  Wednesday 23rd January thru March 6th with the final class display on Saturday March 9th.  The location of evening classes is currently the S&T Experimental Mine classroom.    The class final will comprise a computer choreographed shoot for each lab group at the Premier shooters school in March.

Explosives Summer Camp 2013 dates set (November 2012) 

The dates are set for the 2013 Explosives Summer Camps (21st, 22nd and 23rd camps). Three camps will be held; June 2-7, June 9-14, and June 16-21. Informational brochures are available with applications being accepted in January through April 15th. Check for updates, or click on Explosives Summer Camp.

2013 Fireworks Manufacturing Class (November 2012)

Spring 2013

We are proud to have added a new pyrotechnics course (Exp Eng 301) to our curriculum for next year, Steve Hall's "fireworks manufacturing" class will give students a chance to learn how fireworks are made, and make their own shells.  This class be offered twice a year, in late spring and in early fall the class will not have an official course number until fall of 2013.  The class will be starting class half way through the semester to avoid the winter static electricity season.  This class will have a CED designation.  Tentatively we are planning to have a distance class offered by next fall.  

Tentative dates for Spring 2013 are as follows:

Wednesday evenings 4-8 pm

March 20th, April 3rd, April 10th, April 17th, April 24th, May 1st, May 8th, Saturday Class 9 am -3 pm, April 20th, April 27th as a rain date.

39th Annual Kentucky Blasting Conference (November 2012)

The Annual Kentucky Blasting Conference will be held November 29th - 30th 2012 offering over 20 blasting related workshops, and multiple seminars.  See Kentucky Blasting Conference for more information on registration and itinerary.

Missouri Limestone Producers Association 68th Annual Convention (October 2012)

The MLPA Convention is scheduled for November 28th - 30th 2012 for both producers and associates, the three day convention will host multiple speakers, luncheons, and meetings to discuss the future of Limestone in Missouri's economy.  See Missouri Limestone Producers Association  for more information, and registration.

New Certificate in Explosives Technology is approved (October 2012)

The new certificate in explosives technology has been designed to cater for technical personnel without the rigorous engineering or physical science and calculus background necessary for the explosives engineering program.  After a lengthy process, the undergraduate version of the certificate has just been approved by the Missouri CBHE and it is anticipated that the graduate certificate will be approved in December.  The explosives technology certificate joins the current explosives engineering undergraduate emphasis, undergraduate and graduate certificates, undergraduate and graduate minors and masters of science degree in explosives engineering.

New PhD in Explosives Engineering in application (October 2012)

A proposal for a PhD in explosives engineering has been initiated.  The PhD will follow on from the successful MS program.  It is anticipated that this will be an extended approval process like the MS and not be available until Fall 2013 at the earliest.

Mid America Blasters Conference (September 2012)

The Mid America Blaster's conference is scheduled for the 10th through 12th of October at Port Arrowhead, Lake of the Ozarks.  The conference is hosted by the Mississippi, Heartland and S&T student chapters of the International Society of Explosives Engineers. 

20th explosives camp successfully completed (July 2012)

the 18th through 20th S&T summer explosives camps were successfully concluded this summer.  The camp was the first in North America and still by far the most hands on and awesome.  Since it's inception and following its outstanding success three other universities have started explosives camps.

Explosives Regulations class gets permanent number (July 2012)

We are pleased to announce that "regulatory issues for the explosives industry" class has been approved the permanent number of Exp Eng 408 by the S&T Faculty Senate.  Experimental classes (301 & 401) are required two successful offerings before being considered for a permanent number.

Military Demolition class approved (June 2012)

The Faculty Senate has just approved the new Military Demolition Class (ExpEng 301).  The class is designed for military engineers and is part of the USAES Captains Career Course agreement with Fort Leonard Wood Amy Engineers School.  The 3 credit hour class comprises two hours credit for the USAEC Lt. Demolition class and one hour of additional training given by S&T in the field expedient use of civilian explosives and initiation systems.  The course has been designed to cater for the increasing number of US Army Engineers enrolling in both the graduate certificate and Masters of Explosives Engineering programs.

Explosives Engineering Emphasis and Minor revised (June 2012)

Since the explosives emphasis was approved in 1997 and the minor in 2005, the explosives program has expanded significantly with a total of 13 different courses offered this coming school year.  The emphasis and minors have been revised to reflect the recent addition of courses and the new Exp Eng designation of classes.  We are in the process of updating our documents on this web site and the new documents will have a “(2012)” designation when completed.

Display Fireworks Manufacturing Class Approved (May 2012)

The new Display Fireworks Manufacturing Class (ExpEng 301) has now been approved and is scheduled to be offered this fall.  The principle instructor is Steven Hall. This will be an evening class with the following dates and times:

Location: Experimental Mine

Time: 4:00 - 8:00 PM Day: Wednesdays 

September 5, 12, 19. October 3, 10, 17, 24. November 7, 14

Plus a voluntary field trip, date: TBA

Fall 2012 Commercial Protechnics Class dates finalized (April 2012)

Matt Sutcliffe of Premier Pyrotechnics (principal instructor), in conjunction with Dr. Worsey, has set the fall pyro class dates as follows:

September 8-9 Held at the Lake, October 13-14  Held at TBA, November 10-11 Held at TBA, times will be 10-10 Saturdays and 10-3 Sundays, subject to minor changes.

TBA due to Premiers Classroom and office facility was burned to the ground by an electrical fire caused by a direct hit of a lightning strike in December and the facility is currently waiting for rebuild.

Graduate entrance requirements to stiffen (March 2012)

At the annual mining retreat, the department chair Dr. Samuel Frimpong announced, with objections from the explosives program faculty, that the graduate program entrance requirements for engineering related programs will be increased to include all of the science and fundamental engineering courses that ABET requires for undergraduate programs including all the mathematics, chemistry, physics, and general engineering courses  that the undergraduate mining students take (through differential equations and fluids).  For potential applicants with non-engineering BS degrees this could potentially add up to an extra 6 courses above our current minimum program requirements which would potentially add 20 hrs. of deficiency courses.  This change will affect all mining postgraduate certificate, MS ME and PhD degrees and explosives ENGINEERING postgraduate programs, including the certificate, minor and MS. Students graduating at S&T without Engineering, technology or physical science degrees are currently precluded from obtaining a minor in explosives engineering.  It is hoped that in the near future alternative explosives TECHNOLOGY certificates will be available at the graduate and undergraduate levels in consolation for those applicants not meeting these new requirements and who do not wish to take these extra deficiency courses.  Those students with degrees from ABET accredited engineering programs should hopefully be unaffected by these proposed changes.

It is not currently known if Dr. Frimpong will impose these new deficiencies on students currently enrolled in explosives engineering postgraduate programs.

Explosives technology certificates progressing through University System (February 2012)

Last year the paperwork for new explosives technology certificates was submitted.  The explosives technology certificates are being created for suitable applicants at the undergraduate and graduate levels who do not have the engineering background for the explosives engineering certificates, minors and Masters. Final changes have been made to the applications and we hope that they will be in place in approximately 6 months.

Pyrotechnic Choreography Course Dates (January 2012)

The first lecture for this class will be 4-8:30 pm Wednesday, 11 January.  The location of evening classes is currently the S&T Experimental Mine classroom.    The class final will comprise a computer choreographed shoot for each lab group at Western Winter blast Lake Havasu in late February and at the Premier shooters school in March.

Distance Masters Program announced by S&T Provost (December 2011)

The S&T Provost formally announced, at the December general faculty meeting, that the distance masters in explosives engineering was now in place and operational.  We anticipate our first hybrid student (mainly distance) and our first full distance student to graduate by the end of the year

New  Pyrotechnic Show Design course to be taught in Jan-Feb. 2012 (October 2011)

The new "Show Design and Firing System Operation" class is going to be taught on a compressed schedule in January and February of 2012.  The course will be taught by Matt Sutcliffe the president of Premier Pyrotechnics.  The class will meet 7 times in Missouri in the Rolla area and then move to  Lake Havasu, Arizona for Western Winter Blast.  The class will not only learn how to choreograph a fireworks display using a computer controlled firing system but also put the learning to practical use in working on the choreography, set up and dropping of shells for a large display at Lake Havasu.  The dates are Wednesday afternoon and evening 4-9pm for 5 weeks Jan 11,18,25, Feb 1,8, one or two Saturdays in January-February and travel to Lake Havasu approximately Wednesday 15 Feb through Monday 20 Feb.

EXP 351 (Demolition) class to go distance (October 2011)

Exp 351 is changing format slightly for the campus offering and will be held on most Tuesday nights between 6-8:30 in McNutt 212 plus 3 Saturday mornings, yet to be determined. The class will also be modified and upgraded so that it can also be taught distance.  This will make our 7th explosives distance course.

Explosives Classes for Spring 2012 (October 2011)

The following explosives classes, research etc. will be offered this spring: EXP 301,305, 350, 351, 407, 490, 497, 498 and MIN 383. Please see courses tab for details on each course.  Some of these numbers were only just loaded onto the system so if you can't find them on Joe's SS please contact Barbara Robertson in the Mining Office.

Explosives Summer Camp 2012 dates set (September 2011) 

The dates are set for the 2012 Explosives Summer Camps (18, 19 and 20th camps). Three camps will be held; June 3-8, June 10-15, and June 17-22. Informational brochures are available with applications being accepted in January 2012. Check for updates, or click on Explosives Summer Camp.

MOU signed with NMT (September 2011)

The memorandum of understanding (MOU) has been signed with New Mexico Tech formalizing the agreement between programs at the university level reported in June.  We already have 3 of their explosives courses pre-approved for transfer and hope to add further courses in the near future.

Explosives web site updated (August 2011)

The S&T  explosives web site has been updated, expanded and further information added on acceptance requirements for the graduate programs. The updating process is continuous but significant additions have been made this summer.  Please check out the site.

Explosives program facility wins Pop Sci award for 2nd year in a row (August 2011)

For the second year in a row, the Experimental Mine at Missouri University of Science and Technology - home to a popular summer Explosives Camp for high school juniors and seniors - tops a list of "Awesome College Labs" as determined by Popular Science magazine. The rankings appear in the magazine's September issue.

Masters program exceeds goals in first year (August 2011)

Two of the measures of the success of any program are enrollment and graduation rate. We are pleased to report the current status of the explosives postgraduate program is 20 masters and 20 certificate students, broken down 15 and 2 respectively onsite with 5 and 18 distance students.  The majority of the post graduate certificate students are expected to continue into the masters program.  Graduation wise the 5th student to graduate with an explosives engineering  masters has his paperwork completed.  

These numbers are on track for our distance projections for year 2,  our on campus number beats our 5th year projection and for total MS numbers we are nearly at our 4th year projection.  The shows the success to date of this enterprise.

Expansion of courses available to distance students (July 2011)

The S&T explosives program has entered a co-operative agreement with New Mexico Tech such that certain of the NMT explosives distance courses will be pre-approved for transfer into our explosives program.  The S&T MS regulations allow the transfer in of 9 graduate hours from outside of the University of Missouri System.  This agreement significantly increases the choice of explosives classes for distance students in our explosives engineering MS program.

We are hoping to expand this co-operation with other academic institutions in North America in the near future. (More details will be added to our courses web page shortly)

15th through 17th Explosives Camps successfully concluded (June 2011)

The 15th, 16th and 17th summer explosives camps were held this June.  A total of 43 students spent 6 days working hands on with explosives and pyrotechnics in mining, construction, demolition, special effects and fireworks displays.  The camps started with a close proximity pyrotechnics demonstration such as used at rock concerts on Sunday evening and concluded with a professional fireworks display set up by the students and fired electronically on Friday night.  Field trips on the camps included the loading and shooting of a surface quarry blast hosted by Capital Quarries and Buckley Powder, a trip 1,000ft underground at Doe Run's Brushy Creek lead mine to see and participate in the blasting operations and a visit to Premier Pyrotechnics operations to experience the July 4th preparations of a major display fireworks importer, wholesaler and display company.   

Missouri S&T was the first university to hold an explosives camp and leads the number of explosives camps held.  It also runs the most hands on explosives camp available. The 18th though 20th summer explosives camps will be held in June 2012.

4th Masters student due to graduate in May (April 2011)

Our 4th masters student, Phillip Mulligan is due to graduate this May in the first year of the program.  Phil is staying on to complete a Ph.D. in mining engineering doing explosives research.  His Masters thesis was on Explosively Formed Projectiles (EFPs).  Our target is to build up to an average in excess of 5 per year which is the minimum for a healthy Masters program and we nearly made it in our first year alone.

Explosives graduates top 100 (April 2011)

We now have 104 S&T graduates with explosives qualifications as of the December 2010 graduation.  These include the emphasis (since 1997), undergraduate and graduate certificates (2005), the undergraduate and graduate minors (2005) and the masters degree (newly introduced in 2010).  The breakdown for the 104 is as follows: 33 emphasis (mining only), 14 certificates, 54 minors and 3 masters. 

New Internship Courses Just Approved (March 2011)

New “internship” courses have just been approved by the faculty senate effective this summer session:  Explosives Engineering 497 “Graduate Cooperative Experience” and 498 “Industry Project”.  These classes are aimed at students doing a project during an internship and employees during employment respectively.  These courses have been developed specifically for the Explosives Engineering Master of Science - non thesis option, which has been previously approved and becomes effective this fall.

Dates for Fall Commercial Pyrotechnics Class Just Set (March 2011)

Dates for this falls ExpEng 309 “commercial pyrotechnics” have been set.  The class comprises one weekend per month September through November.  The dates are:  Sept 10 & 11, October 22 & 23 and November 5 & 6.  The course is normally held at Premier’s facilities south of Richland.  This year due to the 10th anniversary of 911 we will start at Bear Bottom resort  at Lake of the Ozarks on Saturday September 10th and move to a shoot site just North of the lake for a Patriots day shoot which will be a multi media show incorporating, video, sound, actors and of course pyrotechnics.

Stage Pyrotechnics Class is being Revamped (March 2011)

ExpEng 313 "Stage Pyrotechnics and Special Effects" is being revamped for this fall, and will be taught by Matt Sutcliffe, Matt Coy and Paul Worsey.  It will be taught on Tuesday nights and a couple of Saturday labs and will start after Labor Day.

Discussions Started with Industry for New FX Class (March 2011)

We are currently having preliminary discussions with FX coordinators on the West coast to develop and offer a Film and TV FX class.  It is anticipated that this class will be distance based with a week long lab session at a site yet to be determined.

Fireworks Show Choreography Class to be Taught on an Accelerated Schedule in Early 2012 (March 2011)

Firework Show choreography class to be offered in January and February 2012.  The class will be taught by Matt Sutcliffe President of Premier Pyrotechnics and will culminate with the set up of a show, choreographed to a sizeable firework display currently anticipated at the Western Winter Blast at Lake Havasu.  The show will incorporate elements designed by the class and will class enrollees will participate in its set up.  This class is on a condensed schedule of 2 or 3 Saturdays plus evenings in January and a week on the road to and in Arizona in early February (over presidents day weekend).

Program Forges On Despite Budget Cuts (February 2011)

Due to falling tax revenues, the state has announced a further budget reduction of 7% for the University of Missouri System.  This will result in the delay of adding a permanent explosives faculty member and explosives GTA funding.  Despite these setbacks the program is continuing to grow using alternative means and is further focusing on expansion of distance education by partnering with industry and other academic institutions.

New Distance Course Added (February 2011)

A new graduate course Exp Eng 401 entitled “Explosives Regulations” has been approved and is being prepared for its first offering this summer.  The course will be offered through S&T distance and continuing education in distance format.  This will increase our distance offerings to 6 explosives courses.  The instructor is Dr. Gillian Worsey (Civil Eng  Ph.D. 1986 UMR) who specializes in transportation and is an adjunct Assistant Professor at S&T.

Masters Non Thesis option passed by faculty senate (January 2011)

The explosives program is being expanded and revamped with a Non thesis option primarily for distance students and we are having explosives technology certificates added for non engineers.  In addition, due to the expansion in the number of explosives courses offered since the inception of the certificate program the structure has been updated.  These changes have been submitted and we are expecting the first of these to be implemented this semester.  The non thesis option for the Explosives Engineering Masters was endorsed by the S&T faculty senate at its January meeting and will go into effect this fall.

First Explosives Engineering Graduates Walk the Stage (December 2010)

Missouri University of Science and Technology will award the nation's first master's degrees in explosives engineering Dec. 18.

The program, which was officially approved last spring, is part of Missouri S&T's mining and nuclear engineering department. The university offers 10 explosives courses at the graduate level, five of which are offered through distance education. Two more classes are expected to be added in the coming year. Missouri S&T started offering a minor in explosives engineering at the undergraduate level in 2005.

Fifteen graduate students are currently enrolled in the explosives engineering program at Missouri S&T, and applications are "rolling in," according to Dr. Paul Worsey, professor of mining engineering and director of the explosives program. The following are the first to complete a master's level education in explosives engineering:

-- Buck Hawkins of Seaman, OH
-- Nathan Rouse of Willow Springs, MO
-- Charles Zdazinsky of New Albany, IN

Explosives engineers work in various industries, including mining, construction and entertainment. The military is also a major employer of explosives experts.

ISEE Student Chapter Takes to the Web

The Missouri S&T student chapter of ISEE, the first established in the nation, has activated its website. The organization has long been recognized by the explosives industry as one of the top student-industry collaborations and continues to contribute through societal fund raising, such as Blow S*** Up Day...a campus favorite where students can pay to blow up virtually any item of their choosing. Visit the students of ISEE

Explosives Summer Camp 2011

The dates are set for the 2011 Explosives Summer Camp. Three camps will be held; June 5-10, June 12-17, and June 19-24. Informational brochures are available with applications being accepted in January 2011. Check for updates, or click on Explosives Summer Camp 2011.

Explosives Engineering "Most Awesome Lab" in the U.S.

Once again, Missouri S&T's Explosives Engineering has gained national recognition for its unique coursework. In the September 2010 issue of Popular Science magazine, the program was chosen as the country's best college lab. The article headliner and number one ranking doesn't surprise  the faculty at Missouri S&T. Dr. Paul Worsey, Explosives Engineering professor, says, "The classes students take at Missouri S&T are like no other across the country. From their first day, they learn how to safely and effectively utilize explosives." To learn more about the Popular Science article, visit or check out the article Most Awesome Labs.

MS Update (June 2010)

Explosives Engineering Classes

Following approval by the Missouri State CBHE, Missouri S&T has been implementing the new Explosives Engineering Masters. The paperwork is in place and S&T graduate students temporarily waiting in other pre-existing programs are transferring in.  New applications from outside the university are also being accepted.  On June 17th the S&T faculty senate passed the curriculum committee’s recommendation to approve the re-designation of several existing explosives courses to “Explosives Engineering” course numbers.  The new designation “Explosives Engineering” will be seen in future catalogs as Exp Eng.

The classes offered this fall 2010 will be:

Exp Eng/ Min Eng 307 “Principles of Explosives Engineering”

Exp Eng/ Min Eng 309 “Commercial Pyrotechnics Operations”

Exp Eng/ Min Eng 313 “Stage Pyrotechnics & Special Effects”

Exp Eng 400 “Special Problems”

Exp Eng/ Min Eng 402 “Environmental Controls for Blasting”

Exp Eng/ Min Eng 406 “Scientific Instrumentation for Explosives & Blasting”

Exp Eng 490 “Research”


The classes offered in Spring 2011 will be:

Exp Eng/ Min Eng 305 “Explosives Handling & Safety”

Exp Eng/ Min Eng 350 “Blasting Design & Technology”

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