Explosives Research

At Missouri S&T, both undergraduate and graduate students have the opportunity to conduct cutting-edge research. Researchers at S&T are known internationally for their contributions to explosives-based testing. Significant research includes rock blasting (Worsey, Paul), mechanics of linear-shaped charges (Lim, Seokbin), blast resistant windows (Lusk, Braden), blast resistant barricades (Baird, Jason) and countless other endeavors.

Current research has graduate students investigating explosively formed projectiles (EFPs), blast pressure, conical-shaped charges, explosives threats, thermobaric devices, and air blast diffraction; to list a few examples. Undergraduates not only assist in research, but also perform their own projects. These range from impact testing of explosive material to troubleshooting shot design. Students who have completed MinEng 151 (Mine Safety) and MinEng/ExpEng Principles of Explosives Engineering (the basic handling class) are permitted to conduct their own experiments under the watchful eye of qualified staff or faculty. To gain extensive knowledge in the explosives area, it is highly recommended that prospective explosives engineers participate in research while in the program.

EFP impact on a steel plate, photo provided by Phil Mulligan.


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