Energetics Research Facility

Beginning Construction
Explosive Chamber Installation
Under Roof



The Missouri S&T Energetics Research Facility (ERF) has a new building as of Fall 2016.  This new building is dedicated to explosives research, training and education.  This state-of-the-art facility provides a venue for corporate, government and educational research  that allows the customer to receive quality  data  while giving the students and faculty the opportunity to conduct cutting-edge experiments.  This synergistic environment provides a fresh outlook on current research, an environment that encourages students to continue learning, and helps to foster a mutual desire for excellence.



       High-speed camera and blast chamber.

The building houses scientific instrumentation for explosives testing. Included are two blast chambers, high-speed cameras, safety and handling test equipment and several measurement devices. It also provides work space for the department's Graduate Research Assistants (GRAs).   

The department continues to expand the capabilities of the ERF. A new blast chamber, capable of containing an 8-pound high explosive detonation will soon be operable. The ERF is operated under the guidance of Dr. Catherine Johnson.