Missouri S&T now offers the nation's only explosives engineering Masters. In addition to the Graduate certificate and minor, students are able to advance their career by obtaining specialized explosives training. The program continues to expand by adding upper-level courses each year and plans to hire an additional faculty member to accommodate the growing enrollment. Graduate students in explosives engineering are afforded exclusive research opportunities in world-class facilities. The S&T Energetics Research Facility (ERF) currently serves as the university's explosives research hub housing state-of-the-art technology and instrumentation. The ERF is also home to two blasting chambers in which graduates conduct cutting-edge explosives research.

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In order to conserve the high standards of the Explosives Engineering Master of Science and graduate certificate, only students with a strong background in math and science will be considered. Students applying for the MS should hold an applied science, technical or engineering degree that entails at least two semesters of calculus, and a semester each of physics, chemistry and statics/dynamics. This requirement is to ensure the student is successful at not only completing the degree, but understanding the basic engineering principles involved in explosives applications. Those not meeting this requirement must test out or complete the courses prior to acceptance into the program. 

Graduate students are encouraged to be proactive in their academic career. Missouri S&T's Office of Graduate Studies offers thesis and dissertation workshops as well as provides formatting guidelines and submission deadlines.

Certificate in Explosives Technology

The new certificate in explosives technology has been designed to cater for technical personnel without the rigorous engineering or physical science and calculus background necessary for the explosives engineering program.  After a lengthy process, the undergraduate version of the certificate has just been approved by the Missouri CBHE and we are anticipating changes to Joes SS soon.  The explosives technology certificate joins the current explosives engineering undergraduate emphasis, undergraduate and graduate certificates, undergraduate and graduate minors and masters of science degree in explosives engineering.  If you are interested in the application for the Graduate Certificate in Explosive Technology click here

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Slow motion still of a wall of fire (fuel-air explosion) using advanced
high-speed photography.


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