Explosives consumption in the United States nears 7-billion pounds. Because 85% is used in the mining industry, most explosives classes are taught in mining programs, which is why current courses are still mostly listed by our mining department as well as explosives engineering. Missouri S&T's Explosives Engineering stems from the Mining Engineering department's ability to fulfill the industry need to train and educate future professionals. The S&T mining program is recognized by industry professionals as one of the top-leading programs worldwide.

Because of its success and the insatiable explosives appetite of the students, explosives offerings have diversified from the use of explosives in mining and construction. However, the explosives program continues with its roots. 

There are several explosives engineering programs from which to choose. From an emphasis to an advanced degree, students can opt for the program that fits best with their interest. On a graduate level, a certificate and a minor are available. Since 2010 we have offered the Explosives Engineering Master of Science with research thesis and non thesis options (approved in 2011). Undergraduates may opt for a 9-hour emphasis, 12-hour certificate or a 15-hour minor. Click here to determine which degree path may be best for you. Additionally, program details can be found in both the undergraduate and graduate catalogs. Due to increasing popularity, enrollment priorities have been set in some blasting classes as to cater to graduating students and degree-specific enrollees.

Due to the rapid expansion of the program it is difficult to maintain this web site current, especially with over 50 separate pages of information.  This is a good problem to have and we are very proud of our accomplishments.  So please make sure you check the news tabs (especially latest news) to keep abreast of our progress.

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