Distance Education

The S&T department of Mining & Nuclear Engineering in 2012 will celebrate 10 years of offering a distance masters in mining engineering and its first explosives distance class.  The department currently offers more distance classes in both mining and explosives engineering than any other university in the US.


Already available for distance learning are several explosives courses. With plans to extend these classes, explosives engineering courses will be even more accessible for industry professionals seeking to advance their explosives development. In the future, more classes will be added to accommodate graduate coursework as well. All applicants must submit to a background check in order to participate in explosives classes. Currently offered online are:


Exp 5514 Fireworks Manufacturing (fly in lab weekend)

Exp 5612 Explosives Engineering (preferred 1st class)

Exp 5622 Advanced Blasting Design

Exp 5713 Demolition

Exp 6001 Advanced Vibration Analysis

Exp 6080 Industry Project

Exp 6112 Explosives Regulations

Exp 6212 Theory of High Explosives

Exp 6292 Research Methods

Exp 6412 Environmental Controls


Min 5922 Tunneling



We are striving to introduce additional new distance classes as well as convert existing on site classes to distance offerings.  For full list of Mining distance classes, that may be used to compliment explosives classes, please contact Judy Russell.

We are also entering into cooperation with other universities with distance classes that augment and compliment our current offerings.  For example, persons enrolled in the explosives engineering masters are allowed to transfer in up to 9 hrs of approved  explosives related graduate classes that fit their program designed in conjunction with their masters committee.

Distance Education

For news on new courses and program developments please refer to latest news

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