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In conjunction with a top academic program, explosives engineering at Missouri S&T also capitalizes on participating in industry's major conferences and seminars, explosives events and training exercises. Among the school's most renowned accomplishments is the creation and operation of the Explosives Camp 2012. More recently, explosives experts Dr. Paul Worsey and Dr. Braden Lusk (Missouri S&T alum) co-hosted The Discovery Channel series "The Detonators."  This collaboration reinforces Missouri S&T's commitment to explosives education.

From The Discovery Channel, an aerial view of one of Missouri S&T's Experimental Mine
surface test sites reveals the proving ground for Worsey and Lusk.


At the end of each semester, the student chapter of ISEE holds its Blow S*** Up Day (BSUD). A popular campus event, BSUD is focused on pre-finals stress relief and is also an organizational fund raiser for the ISEE students. For a small fee, Missouri S&T students can blow up any item of their liking as long as it is not a significant fragmentation hazard or other hazardous material. Past items included Physics and Calculus books, class notes and others. While conducted under the watchful eye of department faculty, BSUD is completed ran by the ISEE student chapter and explosive charges are set only by qualified students who have passed all basic explosives engineering courses.

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