Class Offerings


 A full listing of the explosives courses can be found in the online graduate catalog


Regular Campus Classes.  e.g. 1A Lecture


Classes taught in Missouri by adjunct staff normally not on S&T Campus but off-site.  e.g. 1 CED Lecture

These classes are slightly higher in price than regular classes and are through continuing education.  These classes

are not eligible for any graduate tuition waiver program.


Classes taught to students who are not residents on campus and are taught fully electronically to students

who are not able to attend campus whether in Missouri, out of state or out of country.  These classes are 

not eligible for any graduate tuition waiver program.


New course numbering system designations

Number Description
5xxx Graduate Level: Senior & Masters   
6xxx Adv. Grad. Level: Masters & PhD
x0xx Reserved by system


Health, Safety & Regulations
x2xx Theory & Research Methods
x3xx Instrumentation
x4xx Evironmental
x5xx Pyrotechnics
x6xx Rock Blasting
x7xx Other Civilian Uses
x8xx Defense
x9xx Various

 Last updated: 01 December 2017